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RE: Diner Dash shipping.

Edited for clarity.

seychelles: check out my new default icon
seychelles: http://userpic.livejournal.com/60524683/76008
meeksies: OMG SO CUTE!
meeksies: But why is she giving the finger
seychelles: she's like fuck you, darla
seychelles: her lesbian friend
meeksies: what's going on with them...
meeksies: I wanted Flo to chat up Mr. Big
meeksies: but a name like that can only lead to disappointment

Also, anyone have tips on lvl 43 on Diner Dash 3:Flo on the Go (which I am abbreviating DD3FOTG)? The goal score is 25000 but I can't seem to get above 22000. This saddens me. It's the level with all the big parties of 6.
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